Power to People – Not Banks and Credit Card Companies!

Your Home Equity gives you the power to beat the banks, finance companies and credit card companies. 

The lowest cost of borrowing can be found when you have the best collateral.  A home is the best collateral of all.  Congratulations on being a homeowner and getting yourself into a great position of strength.

Your home offers you the lowest cost to borrow.  It is better than just about any other place. Better than cars, student loans, personal loans, store cards, credit cards, medical and dental loans, time-shares, you name it, they all have higher rates and shorter terms, which result in significantly higher monthly payments than the very same money on a home loan.  

This is why people find $500, $800, $1200 and more of monthly payment reduction when they use our DIY calculators and simulators.  We make it quick and easy for you to see what the effects could be – what it would look like if  you put your borrowed money into your homes equity.  Do it from the comfort and convenience of home.  On your tablet, laptop or even phone.  See your potential savings in just a few minutes.  And, you don’t have to be good at math.

There’s No Credit Pull needed. No loan application or social security number to give out.  You don’t have to deal with an obnoxious loan officer or sales person. Just easy to use, done for you, calculators that’ll show you the savings that might be possible.  

Those of us who built this site, we’ve been helping homeowners going on three decades now.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing regular, everyday people beat those greedy banks, credit card companies and other lending institutions at their own game. 

Developing these tools, answering questions and helping people to use their greatest financial strength for their own good is what gets us out of bed and makes us smile.  Now, this is our job and we do earn our living making home loans,  but it’s only when we’re helping others find the savings they desire that we make a loan. And even then, we’ve worked it out so that the mortgage lender pays us, you don’t have to – you pay us nothing. Win – win! 

All Your Refi Questions Answered

This is the place to find all the information you need on any kind of home refinance transaction you are considering.  Get straight talk and clear, easy to understand, explanations.  Here you can, try before you buy. Before letting someone pull your credit, before you give away all your personal information on a loan application – you can see for yourself with the DIY calculators and simulators, what the numbers look like.  All this info comes from mortgage company owners and refinance experts who have been helping borrowers going on three decades.  Enjoy.

Customer Success Stories

Kyra S.

We have used Les and LTL Mortgage for several refinances over the years, and every experience has been excellent. He has our highest recommendation.

Ryan S.

Had a great experience working with Les on a refi. Very informative and answered all my questions. I feel like Les worked super hard to get us the best rate.

Tudy P.

I dreaded the decisions and paperwork involved with refinancing, and am so glad my realtor recommended Les Jenkins. He led me through the process making the steps simple; answering questions promptly and clearly.